Hey!  You’ve maybe liked some of the images you’ve seen on this site or excerpts that are available.  In some cases, the excerpts are FREE!  Like my reflection in the picture above! (Read: I’m not going to burn the hours updating a World War III story from 25 years ago that’s been overcome by events.)  In other cases, this is where you can buy stuff:


Like the writing you read?  Want to see more of it?  Click above, and you’ll go directly to my Amazon author page.  Well, or a portal to an alternate dimension.  That’s only happened once, however, and I’m pretty sure that’s because someone butchered the three words they were supposed to say.  I mean, the book was in Aramaic and bound in the flesh of 100 virgins–that’s NOT SOMETHING YOU READ ALOUD.  (I hear Prolific Trek and Diana Marsh going “CRACK FIC!” in my head right about now.)

Anyway, if you see a cover you like, then click on it. Additional audio books will be coming as time and producers permit.


Unproven ebook cover (Cedar)
An Unproven Concept plus “Ride of the Late Rain” in one volume.  With artwork.


Kraken Edition Audio
Audiobook Edition of An Unproven Concept, Audio Edition


Acts of War Electronic
Acts of War-Usurper’s War #1


audio cover 3
Acts of War Audiobook



Collisions of the Damned Final
Collisions of the Damned–
Usurper’s War #2

On Seas So Crimson High Res


Acts of War and Collisions of the Damned Together like Babe the Pig and Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow on a bacon cheeseburger.



This includes both Anita C. Young and I’s artwork and derivative merchandise.  As I get time, I’ll add more pics here, but for now clicking “Artwork” takes you to our Etsy page.  Right now we only ship to the United States, but might be able to work something out for magnets or other small merchandise.  Want to see what some of the items look like?


KC Planet 2016
Artist Anita C. Young Is Not For Sale (but her pics are)



That’s right party people, if you want to have a picture of the U.S.S. Arizona getting the hammer from the Kido Butai or a glowering Spartan at your next wargames meeting, click on the link above and go to Redbubble.  If there’s something you see here but not there, let me know–we can make magic and a transfer happen.  Similarly, if you need something custom made, arrangements can be made via Cafepress and Paypal payment–but understand there’s going to be a little bit of lag.