Review of Midway (2019 Film)

I’ve been plugging away on Against the Tide Imperial most of November for Nano. I was amidst the Kido Butai engaging four of the Royal Navy’s carriers in the Indian Ocean when my memory jogged:  I never reviewed Midway despite intending to right after...
Audiobook Blog Tour

Audiobook Blog Tour

I’ll be doing a an audiobook blog tour with Audiobookworm from 21-27 October at various review sites for Aries Red Sky.  The tour site is here.  I’ll let folks know how it goes from a promo perspective.

News on Reviews

Recent news about Amazon reviews here. My quick thoughts: Jeff Bezos and the gang are not playing around.  This is a strong action taken against click farms and other gimmicks that have had Amazon’s review / marketing features in the news for all the wrong...