Metal Monday–Hear Ye, My Words

So I found this song via an I-tunes recommendation.  The album is pretty solid as well.  I always see a lone rider approaching a temple at the intro, followed by a montage of him killing his way to the central chamber where he confronts an angry god.  Yeah, I’m dark like that.  Anyway, when I ever do a fantasy storyline, you can bet that this will be in the rotation.



*muttered commentary*  “Yes, I do have a fantasy idea.  It’s in the queue.”

Warship Wednesday–Ark Royal Class

Welcome Chris Nuttall readers. Please check out the front page:


The Ark Royal-class are the largest and most modern supercarriers in the Confederation Navy.  First projected to carry a full air group of 3 fighter and 3 attack squadrons, the air group’s composition was changed in 3051 to 2 fighter, 2 attack, and 2 mecha squadrons.

Ships in the class are as follows:

Ark Royal










Bonhomme Richard







When naming the carriers for the Confederation Fleet, I’ve gone far and wide for “battles most Westerners may have never heard of.”  The Confederation is basically a polygot of the Earth’s current nations.  Odds are someone from the Eurasian Sector is not going to care too much about Sharpsburg, while the Anglo-Saxon shipbuilders aren’t going to go into obscure Korean conflicts looking for inspiration.

The reason I chose Ark Royal for the class-name was my friends’ Mekton campaign revolved around a mecha carrier of that name.  The one and only time the GM allowed me to play the OPFOR, I damn near killed her.  (“James, the point of the exercise is to give them a struggle, not kill them all.”  “Then they should have thought about their strategy more.”)  To quote the centaurs in an online game I play, “I promise a painful end…“.

Of course, now that Chris Nuttall has a sci-fi series of the same name, everyone will think I’m taking a swipe at him.


What’s In A Name?

So, as noted by The Prolific Trek, your humble narrator went to go see Star Trek: Beyond (Note: Spoilers) with the better half and a group of friends as a break from his *censored* dissertation.  It was a needed break–I feel the urge to be snarky in response to some differing points fading to a dull roar.  Editing–it’s not for the faint of heart.

What struck me as I was watching the movie was the writer/writers’ name choices for vessels in the film.  Besides the titular Enterprise, there was the space station Yorktown and a U.S.S. Franklin.  The historically astute will note that, in order, these names are the most decorated carrier in World War II, the lead vessel of the USN’s famous carrier class (of which Enterprise was part), and the most damaged USN carrier of the entire war.  Suffice to say, in the case of the Franklin, the name choice was apt.

This got me to thinking about sci-fi vessel name choices in general.  Some are pretty much oddball acronyms–see SDF-1 from Robotech / Macross and the TARDIS.  Others appear to have simply been chosen out of a hat (e.g., Galactica or Millenium Falcon) or are clear references to mythology (Pegasus, Prometheus).  In any case, it would be interesting to have a round table or panel at a con where folks discuss what ship names and why.

As for myself, starting this week there will be “Warship Wednesday” in which I explain my own naming conventions for the Confederation Fleet and Spartan Republic, discuss various ship classes, and otherwise unpack the Vergassy Universe a little bit.  Every few Wednesdays (no I’m not committing to a regular schedule), I will intersperse historical warships from the Usurper’s War universe as well.

Happy reading!


Audio, Audio, Audio…

So at the moment I’m in the midst of getting the Vergassy series turned into audiobooks.  “Ride of the Late Rain” is 95% complete, while I’ve received (and approved) the first 15 minutes for each version of An Unproven Concept.  Here’s a listen for each:

An Unproven Concept (Kraken Edition)–First 15 minutes.

An Unproven Concept (Base Edition)–First 15 minutes audio.

“Ride of the Late Rain”–Five minute audio sample.

When complete, these projects will be available on Audible and I-Tunes.  More information to follow as I get it.  😀

In a while (2015)…

For those waiting on a sequel, I’m planning on the next Vergassy work being an anthology entitled Though Our Hulls Burn.  The cover art (done by Christos Karapanos — for it is below.  The blurb is as follows:

“In the year 3040, the Confederation of Man thought it was alone.  An interstellar incident and several hundred dead quickly proved this theory to be both false…yet wildly correct.  Though Our Hulls Burn, a collection of six novellas and short stories, unveils the origins of the Spartan Diasporan Republic, then tells the tale of how it was ultimately brought to heel by the Confederation Navy.”

Though Our Hulls Burn cover art
Though Our Hulls Burn cover art