On Seas So Crimson; James Young Author

I’m over at Indie Author Blog today for a little Q&A.

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On Seas So Crimson

by James Young


GENRE: Alternate History



Adolf Hitler is dead.  Great Britain has fallen.  The Royal Family has fled to Canada, and the United States stands alone against the Axis.

On Seas So Crimson collects both novels of the Usurper’s War into a single package.  Acts of War (Amazon Bestseller in alternate history) begins this universe with London on fire, while Collisions of the Damned (recommended by Alternate History Weekly) continues it with the desperate defense of the Dutch East Indies.




It’s never a good day when you become commander of a vessel simply because no one else was left.  From what he understood, Keir had started the day as chief of Hood’s Navigation Division.  That had been before the vessel took at least three 15-inch shells to the bridge area, as well as two more that had wiped…

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Running With The Pack…

(With apologies to Bad Company…)

I’ve recorded three podcast episodes with Write Pack Radio out of St. Louis.  If you want to hear me talk about writing, dealing with adversity, and other bits of crazy, here are the links:

This week on Write Pack Radio: Our Rules
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We have talked about a lot of author writing rules, but in this episode, the Write Pack discusses the rules we follow. We also celebrate Georges Méliès.
• Who was Georges Méliès and what was his contribution to writing?
• There are a lot of rules writers can follow. The Write Pack has discussed a lot of them, but what are our individual rules that we use?
• And more

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Third Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale

Labor Day book sale!

Mad Genius Club

I’d like to thank Amie Gibbons for pulling this together. Between school and life, I’ve been too busy to think straight, let alone do the legwork. You should really check out her work – she writes fun, original urban fantasy/mythology that is as perky as she is. 

It’s that time of year again. The kiddies are back in school, vacations have been vacationed, the season of burned skin is over, and people are getting back into their usual routines.
And you know what that means.
The Third Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale!
Whether you are eating pumpkin spice everything or counting the days until Halloween, as the nights cool, you’re going to want to check out the latest sales in Sci Fi, Fantasy and Mystery from your favorite indies.

gods defenseThe Gods Defense  
By Amie Gibbons

Sale price: $0.99 from 9/3 to 9/6; $2.99 from 9/6 to 9/9.

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KDP Select or Not?

Mad Genius Club

Yesterday, a FB friend asked whether she should set her new book up on Amazon so it could be “borrowed”. The discussion turned into one a number of people were interested in — in fact, one of the participants asked Sarah if MGC could do a post on KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited from an author’s point of view. Since Sarah is away from home and I didn’t have a topic ready to go this morning, I’m stealing the idea.

I’ve been on the record for some time telling writers that they need to explore how well their books sell on the various different platforms available to us. I know some who sell well on Kobo or Barnes and Noble. Some love Smashwords. But, most of the writers I know have all come to one conclusion: the majority of their sales come from Amazon.

For myself, I had my books…

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Interview and Contest Winner

The ever helpful Sahara Foley, author of The Secret of Excalibur, was gracious enough to provide me with an opportunity to do an interview.  Swing on by and check it out!


So, as many of you know from Con drawings, one of the usual prizes is a chance to win a T-shirt.  Here is Shirley D. of Kansas with her brand new Kaiju-class Mecha Shirt.


Shirley D. Contest Winner

Hope you are all enjoying this final day of January, and look for more info to come out soon!


More Content Coming Soon

In the words of Kid Rock, I’ve been around…I’ve seen some things.  But there has been no getting high with kings for sleeping in dumpsters, I assure you.

In the list of coming attractions, I’m putting Acts of War and Collisions of the Damned, my two alternate history novels, together in one collection entitled On Seas So Crimson.  This is what the cover will look like:

On Seas So Crimson High Res

Also, I will soon have art prints and reproductions for sale.  To wit:



The small prints will be $30, the art prints (large prints under glass) will be $80 unframe, and the canvas reproductions (look just like the originals) will be $250 unframed, $300 framed (to include shipping).  Each art print and reproduction will come with a data plate that looks similar to this:


More to follow, hopefully with more frequency over the next few weeks.