Metal Monday–“When Two Worlds Collide”

I’ve mentioned it in interviews, but I’m a huge fan of When Worlds Collide and After Worlds Collide.  Apparently, judging from the lyrics, so is Iron Maiden.



If there’s ever an old sci-fi movie I want to see redone with modern technology, it’s this one.  But only if they get someone competent to helm the thing.  I don’t want a repeat of “The Luckiest Limo Driver In California,’ a.k.a. 2012.

When Worlds Collide will be referenced in a couple of Vergassy Universe short stories.  I’m all about homage to the fiction of my youth, and I read the hell out of these two books.

Metal Monday–Concerts

So last Tuesday (18 October), Korn and Breaking Benjamin came to town.   I took the better half to the concert for her birthday.  Sound problems were all over the place at the Kansas Expocentre, to the point we couldn’t understand the first act (Silver Snakes) over their drums, could only understand the plethora of F-bombs dropped by the lead singer of Motionless In White, and really think the Breaking Benjamin fans got screwed out of what sounded like an awesome concert.  Of course, it was partially made up for by Breaking Benjamin playing The Imperial March:

“But JY, you didn’t copy the whole…”

“Sorry man, had to headbang.  Have this in apology…”

Anyway, as you can hear, not the best sound–and it was worst in person.  So I was a little worried when Korn came out.  Indeed, I even texted a friend, “Jon Davis is going to smite the sound man halfway through ‘Right Now.'”


Well, I guessed the opening song right.  However, there is no video of it.  Why?  Because about 30 seconds into the set, as Korn starts playing and I’m almost levitating in my seat, AY said, “Why don’t you just get up–you know you want to.”  Yep, that’s right, I guessed the opening song AND they fixed the sound system (or Jonathan Davis knew how to deal with it).  Ergo, you’re just going to have to deal with the vid from another concert, as thankfully my spouse is a goodie two shoes who didn’t record me headbanging like I was 25 again.  (AY thought about it.  Good and hard apparently.)


Yeah, if there’s ever a time when I’m “storming a castle,” “Right Now” is making the track list.

As part of “Deaf Week,” we also went to Shinedown / Five Finger Death Punch (with Sixx AM as one of the opening acts) in Wichita on the 22nd. Now, if you’d told me on Friday in a three-way concert rumble between Korn, Five Finger Death Punch, and Shinedown I’d be picking the them in reverse order, I’d have wondered if someone had brained you.  For those of you who may not recall the third Metal Monday, this is Five Finger Death Punch:

This is Shinedown:

Well, friends, let me tell ya…Shinedown brought it.  I mean, they BROUGHT. IT.  Don’t get me wrong–Jon Davis was just as energetic as he looks in the above video.  However, Brent Smith (Shinedown’s lead) opened up with telling everyone to get out of their chair…and no one sat down for the next hour.  It wasn’t just the pyrotechnics…it was pretty much the back catalog gave Shinedown plenty of ammo to work with.  Just an amazing show…that left Five Finger Death Punch with a tired crowd.

I can’t say it enough–if you like rock, go see Shinedown in concert.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Metal Monday–When Terror Struck the Land

Gettysburg.  The name alone brings forth historical visions of desperate fights in wheat fields, bodies heaped before stone walls, and that poor bastard Pickett writing an after action report so incendiary in its rhetoric that General Lee literally had it burned. Whether one thinks that the Union was saved on this day or that Northern numbers and industrial capacity would have made a Southern victory Pyrrhic, the sheer magnitude of this fight cannot be denied.

So hey, what better thing to do than make heavy metal songs about it?!

Today’s offering comes from Civil War (not to be confused with The Civil Wars).  I found this song through an I-tunes recommendation, and it has grown on me the last couple of weeks:


Still, if I had to choose songs to commemorate the battle, I’m rolling with Iced Earth’s trilogy from their album The Glorious Burden.

Day 1

Day 2

Let the record show this begins with what I call “A Hancock Pledge.”  Don’t make a pledge asking deities to strike you down if you have to attack your best friend’s position–it can have a bad outcome.

Day 3

No seriously, a bad outcome.


Out of the three, I play “Hold At All Cost” the most often.  I have a couple playlists used for desperate scenes or times in my books.  No bayonet charges (yet), but I’m sure fans can guess at least a couple of points where I had this blaring in the background.  Feel free to put guesses in the comments section.

Metal Monday–Game of Thrones Edition

I love YouTube.  You can find all sorts of great stuff there.  Like, say, metal covers of songs you can identify with…like The Rains of Castamere.  (“Wait…wait…why do you identify with the Rains of Castamere?”  “Because when someone sends you to crush a rebellion, you crush the rebellion.”)  Sometimes one just has to be in the mood for a genocidal return to or…anyway, White Noise Labs’ version of The Rains of Castamere:



I’m a huge fans of covers.  Sometimes it’s nice to get another person’s take on a song.  Much to some people’s chagrin, I’m still waiting to find someone to do a metal cover of some Hamilton song.  C’mon, the thought of Lzzy Hale, Amy Lee, and Cristina Scabbia doing the Schuyler sisters should be a thing of joy, right?

Metal Monday–Hear Ye, My Words

So I found this song via an I-tunes recommendation.  The album is pretty solid as well.  I always see a lone rider approaching a temple at the intro, followed by a montage of him killing his way to the central chamber where he confronts an angry god.  Yeah, I’m dark like that.  Anyway, when I ever do a fantasy storyline, you can bet that this will be in the rotation.



*muttered commentary*  “Yes, I do have a fantasy idea.  It’s in the queue.”

Metal Monday–Leaves’ Eyes

So as some of you know from my talking at cons, I was stationed in Germany for two years.  One of the benefits of being overseas in Europe is you get exposed to things that don’t quite make it Stateside.  This would be how I ended up finding out about previous Metal Monday “guest” Sabaton.  However, even before I was immersed in “Swedecore,” there was another Scandinavian product that became an immediate steady rotation:  Leaves’ Eyes.

Unfortunately the band appears to have been going through a line up change. Pro tip: Don’t have your lead singer and guitarist married.  Makes divorce kind of awkward.  However, we’ll still have the older songs, like “Elegy.”



One thing about synth-metal–they get the sweeping scope of a song down pat.  If I had to rate Leaves’ Eyes (with Liv Kristine), I’d have to say they’re right up there with Nightwish before that band also had lead singer problems. Maybe there is just something about being a bunch of metal heads that eventually just wears people out?

Metal Monday–Swedecore!

So I’ve got a few songs that I play on steady rotation.  Today’s Metal Monday is one of them–Sabaton’s “Carolus Rex.”

I’m not saying the guy was crazy…but I think the king was a little crazy.  Not George III mad, but when you think that you’re taking orders directly from heaven?  That might be a sign.


At any rate, as will become apparent throughout Metal Monday, I’m a big fan of heavy metal + history.  Sabaton is one of the best at it, but it seems everyone from Iron Maiden to Metallic (“One,” “Creeping Death,” and “For Whom The Bell Tolls” are the examples that come most quickly to mind) has dabbled.

Metal Monday–A Little Lzzy

To say I’m a bit all over the place with my musical tastes is like saying Soylent Green may be a bit unethical as a long-term solution to planetary hunger.  I nearly named this regular feature “Musical Monday” rather than Metal Monday so that I could also include my affinity for soundtracks.  Dirty little secret–I love soundtracks.  How much?  Let’s just say I laughed quite a bit recently when Lisa (The Prolific Trek) told me, mid-discussion, “I think you’re conflating scores with soundtracks.”  I’m not saying this was as much blasphemy as me saying to her, “I think you’re confusing Star Wars with Star Trek,” but close.  In her defense, Lisa never saw the three old school Case Logic cases outside labeled Soundtracks, or realize the hours I spent trying to find The Crow _score_ so I could record this favorite:

Or this one:

Alas, I decided to keep things minimalist and decided I would focus only on appeasing the metal gods.  In that same discussion Di, the other third of the triumvirate and blogger at No Place Like Holmes, pointed out to me that I had not included Halestorm in any of my posts.  I assured her that ol’ Lzzy was coming into the rotation…I just wasn’t sure of which song.  Rather than going with one off the older albums, I figured I’d go with a newer song:

Metal Monday 4

A little of a lesser known band this week.  Jagpanzer’s Achilles:


Achilles seems to be a pretty big staple in the metal world.  In addition to this song, everyone’s favorite Myrmidon seems to appear in at least another dozen songs.  Another one of my all time favorites is this concept song by Manowar:


This song was my first introduction to Manowar.  I mean, yeah, 28+ minutes of hammering metal is a bit much, but you can tell ManoWar took this song very seriously.  I personally like the Hector sequence most of all.