Metal Monday: Exodus and Metal…

So fans of the blog may remember I’ve mentioned how heavy metal lends itself well to certain historical events.  You know, things like Biblical Plagues.

Well today on Metal Monday, we’re going back to the well.  Folks who were around in the 1990s might remember The Prince of Egypt.  One of the musical numbers covered when Moses showed up in the Pharaoh’s throne room and basically dropped the “Hey bro, good to see you.  God says let my people go…” and Egypt’s senior priests were like, “Uh, which god again?”

Given that it was a family show, the original was more “Oh Moses, you silly man…” and less “Listen here, He Who Rides In Basket, we are RELIGIOUS NUTTERS and are about to hurt you.”  Today’s cover?  Well, see for yourself…

Also, the same duo who did this cover also did a version of The Plagues song from the original movie.


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