Though Our Hulls Burn… Teaser 1: Tentative Chapter Titles

Part I: On the Nature of Scorpions

Chapter 1: When Next We Meet

Chapter 2: A Grave Error In Judgment

Chapter 3: A Baseball Bat…In the Dark…To the Face

Chapter 4: Lessons Observed…As Opposed to Learned

Chapter 5: Mr. Oppenheimer Gets Prison Swole

Chapter 6: Sledgehammer Resistant Walnuts

Chapter 7: Dead Carl and the Angry Spartans

Chapter 8: A True Compromise

Part II: Honor and Angst

Chapter 9: Along Came The Spider…

Chapter 10: The Golden Fields

Chapter 11: Here There Be Dragons

Chapter 12: The Pirate’s Life For Me

Chapter 13: Good Hunting

Chapter 14: An Abject Lesson

Chapter 15: The Last Full Measure

Chapter XX: Shore Leave

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