So last Tuesday (18 October), Korn and Breaking Benjamin came to town.   I took the better half to the concert for her birthday.  Sound problems were all over the place at the Kansas Expocentre, to the point we couldn’t understand the first act (Silver Snakes) over their drums, could only understand the plethora of F-bombs dropped by the lead singer of Motionless In White, and really think the Breaking Benjamin fans got screwed out of what sounded like an awesome concert.  Of course, it was partially made up for by Breaking Benjamin playing The Imperial March:
[wpvideo y95a08aY]
“But JY, you didn’t copy the whole…”
“Sorry man, had to headbang.  Have this in apology…”
Anyway, as you can hear, not the best sound–and it was worst in person.  So I was a little worried when Korn came out.  Indeed, I even texted a friend, “Jon Davis is going to smite the sound man halfway through ‘Right Now.'”
Well, I guessed the opening song right.  However, there is no video of it.  Why?  Because about 30 seconds into the set, as Korn starts playing and I’m almost levitating in my seat, AY said, “Why don’t you just get up–you know you want to.”  Yep, that’s right, I guessed the opening song AND they fixed the sound system (or Jonathan Davis knew how to deal with it).  Ergo, you’re just going to have to deal with the vid from another concert, as thankfully my spouse is a goodie two shoes who didn’t record me headbanging like I was 25 again.  (AY thought about it.  Good and hard apparently.)
Yeah, if there’s ever a time when I’m “storming a castle,” “Right Now” is making the track list.
As part of “Deaf Week,” we also went to Shinedown / Five Finger Death Punch (with Sixx AM as one of the opening acts) in Wichita on the 22nd. Now, if you’d told me on Friday in a three-way concert rumble between Korn, Five Finger Death Punch, and Shinedown I’d be picking the them in reverse order, I’d have wondered if someone had brained you.  For those of you who may not recall the third Metal Monday, this is Five Finger Death Punch:
This is Shinedown:
Well, friends, let me tell ya…Shinedown brought it.  I mean, they BROUGHT. IT.  Don’t get me wrong–Jon Davis was just as energetic as he looks in the above video.  However, Brent Smith (Shinedown’s lead) opened up with telling everyone to get out of their chair…and no one sat down for the next hour.  It wasn’t just the pyrotechnics…it was pretty much the back catalog gave Shinedown plenty of ammo to work with.  Just an amazing show…that left Five Finger Death Punch with a tired crowd.
I can’t say it enough–if you like rock, go see Shinedown in concert.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.