So as some of you know from my talking at cons, I was stationed in Germany for two years.  One of the benefits of being overseas in Europe is you get exposed to things that don’t quite make it Stateside.  This would be how I ended up finding out about previous Metal Monday “guest” Sabaton.  However, even before I was immersed in “Swedecore,” there was another Scandinavian product that became an immediate steady rotation:  Leaves’ Eyes.
Unfortunately the band appears to have been going through a line up change. Pro tip: Don’t have your lead singer and guitarist married.  Makes divorce kind of awkward.  However, we’ll still have the older songs, like “Elegy.”
One thing about synth-metal–they get the sweeping scope of a song down pat.  If I had to rate Leaves’ Eyes (with Liv Kristine), I’d have to say they’re right up there with Nightwish before that band also had lead singer problems. Maybe there is just something about being a bunch of metal heads that eventually just wears people out?