Metal Monday–A Little Lzzy

To say I’m a bit all over the place with my musical tastes is like saying Soylent Green may be a bit unethical as a long-term solution to planetary hunger.  I nearly named this regular feature “Musical Monday” rather than Metal Monday so that I could also include my affinity for soundtracks.  Dirty little secret–I love soundtracks.  How much?  Let’s just say I laughed quite a bit recently when Lisa (The Prolific Trek) told me, mid-discussion, “I think you’re conflating scores with soundtracks.”  I’m not saying this was as much blasphemy as me saying to her, “I think you’re confusing Star Wars with Star Trek,” but close.  In her defense, Lisa never saw the three old school Case Logic cases outside labeled Soundtracks, or realize the hours I spent trying to find The Crow _score_ so I could record this favorite:

Or this one:

Alas, I decided to keep things minimalist and decided I would focus only on appeasing the metal gods.  In that same discussion Di, the other third of the triumvirate and blogger at No Place Like Holmes, pointed out to me that I had not included Halestorm in any of my posts.  I assured her that ol’ Lzzy was coming into the rotation…I just wasn’t sure of which song.  Rather than going with one off the older albums, I figured I’d go with a newer song:

3 thoughts on “Metal Monday–A Little Lzzy

    • Heh. Well as mentioned you also didn’t know about me and soundtracks. I just found it very funny at the time given the teasing I’ve taken from family and friends over the years.


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