Warship Wednesday–Ark Royal Class

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The Ark Royal-class are the largest and most modern supercarriers in the Confederation Navy.  First projected to carry a full air group of 3 fighter and 3 attack squadrons, the air group’s composition was changed in 3051 to 2 fighter, 2 attack, and 2 mecha squadrons.

Ships in the class are as follows:

Ark Royal










Bonhomme Richard







When naming the carriers for the Confederation Fleet, I’ve gone far and wide for “battles most Westerners may have never heard of.”  The Confederation is basically a polygot of the Earth’s current nations.  Odds are someone from the Eurasian Sector is not going to care too much about Sharpsburg, while the Anglo-Saxon shipbuilders aren’t going to go into obscure Korean conflicts looking for inspiration.

The reason I chose Ark Royal for the class-name was my friends’ Mekton campaign revolved around a mecha carrier of that name.  The one and only time the GM allowed me to play the OPFOR, I damn near killed her.  (“James, the point of the exercise is to give them a struggle, not kill them all.”  “Then they should have thought about their strategy more.”)  To quote the centaurs in an online game I play, “I promise a painful end…“.

Of course, now that Chris Nuttall has a sci-fi series of the same name, everyone will think I’m taking a swipe at him.


2 thoughts on “Warship Wednesday–Ark Royal Class

  1. Love it! I served on board HMS ark royal (mk 5) this made me chuckle 😂 I must get around to reading Chris’s books ⚓️🚀


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