Random Confession

So, every so often I will reveal something about myself my readers may not otherwise know.  Today’s confession:  I like ABBA.  I mean, not like “Commander Lewis, OMG the only thing I have on Mars is disco!”-level, but I am an unabashed fan.



The better half, fellow author Anita C. Young surprised me with tickets to Mama Mia! for my birthday a few years back.  Somehow that was the first time I ever heard this song despite having the “Greatest Hits” album since the 1990s.  Ever since then, it’s been my favorite.

Having seen the play then the movie, I’m much more partial to the stage production. I’m not saying Meryl Streep doesn’t hit the the targets, but I think there’s was way too much “Oh look what we can do with all this scenery and background!” Meh. The energy just wasn’t there.

If pressed, however, I will admit that my favorite ABBA song of all time…

(“Wait, stop. You’re a military sci-fi author. Saying you have a favorite ABBA song hurts your street cred like Jay-Z saying he has his favorite llama.”


“Tell me what is more terrifying than having your entire fleet die before your eyes to ‘Dancing Queen?’ I mean, it’s not Minmei-level horror but it’s gotta be up there, right?”

“Shit. Nightmare fuel, man, nightmare fuel.”)

…is “The Winner Takes It All.” Yeah, if “Knowing Me, Knowing You” is the amicable divorce, “Winner Takes It All” is the “I’ve got the house, the kids, and the car…and I’m still taking a bath with the toaster as soon as he drives off with her”-parting. Just ugh. I’m not saying it’s the most gut punchy song of all time (that list will be coming later), but it’s a “Songs to Slit Yout Wrist By” staple.



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