Interview and Contest Winner

The ever helpful Sahara Foley, author of The Secret of Excalibur, was gracious enough to provide me with an opportunity to do an interview.  Swing on by and check it out!


So, as many of you know from Con drawings, one of the usual prizes is a chance to win a T-shirt.  Here is Shirley D. of Kansas with her brand new Kaiju-class Mecha Shirt.


Shirley D. Contest Winner

Hope you are all enjoying this final day of January, and look for more info to come out soon!


More Content Coming Soon

In the words of Kid Rock, I’ve been around…I’ve seen some things.  But there has been no getting high with kings for sleeping in dumpsters, I assure you.

In the list of coming attractions, I’m putting Acts of War and Collisions of the Damned, my two alternate history novels, together in one collection entitled On Seas So Crimson.  This is what the cover will look like:

On Seas So Crimson High Res

Also, I will soon have art prints and reproductions for sale.  To wit:



The small prints will be $30, the art prints (large prints under glass) will be $80 unframe, and the canvas reproductions (look just like the originals) will be $250 unframed, $300 framed (to include shipping).  Each art print and reproduction will come with a data plate that looks similar to this:


More to follow, hopefully with more frequency over the next few weeks.