Quick Update

In the middle of Con / Book Signing season, as well as trying to get Collisions of the Damned, the sequel to Acts of War complete by 1 July.  I’ve managed to complete the first few drawings, with the winners being as follows:

Planet Comicon—Mr. James Webb was the winner for the Planet Comicon drawing. As he too indicated he would like to be surprised, he is the winner of a free T-shirt. I’ll shortly be in touch with Mr. Webb to see what his shirt size is, at which point I will provide him with a “Battle of Hawaii” T-shirt from the novel Acts of War.

Boom Comics—Mr. Enrique Ramirez was the winner at the Boom Comics drawing that celebrated the grand opening of the Manhattan Store.  As he indicated that he would like to be surprised, he is now the namesake of the C.S.S. Enrique Ramirez, a Rescorla-class destroyer that will be featured in the upcoming novel Though Our Hulls Burn. The background for the C.S.S. Enrique Ramirez is as follows:

C.S.S. Enrique Ramirez (3048)—Name for Confederation destroyer captain Enrique Ramirez (Fleet Academy Class of ’95). In 3025, Commander Ramirez and his vessel, the Edwin O’Hara (3010), encountered two larger pirate vessels assaulting an intrasystem ore carrier. With little regard for his or his own vessel’s safety, Commander Ramirez immediately attacked both hostile vessels. The O’Hara was able to destroy one pirate vessel and so damaged the other it was not able to execute FTL travel. This second vessel was subsequently destroyed by the heavy cruiser Puducherry when the latter came searching for the missing O’Hara three days after the initial combat. While the ore carrier managed to escape to a nearby asteroid belt, the O’Hara was fatally damaged with 95% crew casualties in this encounter. Commander Ramirez was not among the survivors.

Wichita Novel Experience (9 May)—Ms. Josephine Jacobs was the winner of the Wichita Novel Experience drawing. Ms. Jacobs opted to be characterized in an upcoming novel, and will be included in Though Our Hulls Burn, the next novel in the Vergassy Chronicles that will likely come out in December 2015. As there is already a character named Josephine in my alternate history novel Acts of War, it would likely confuse the reader if I introduce another one. While I may enjoy knocking off characters, I’m not so keen on befuddling readers. 😀

Boom Comics (16 May)—Mr. Benjiman Kowach is our winner. As he indicated that he would like to be a warship, he is now the namesake of the C.S.S. Benjiman Kowach, a Gago Coutinho-class destroyer that will be featured in the upcoming novel Though Our Hulls Burn. The background for the C.S.S. Beniman Kowach is as follows:

C.S.S. Benjiman Kowach (3037)—Name for Confederation navigational officer Vice Admiral Bejiman Kowach (2065-3033), Fleet Academy Class of ’87. Vice Admiral Kowach exited the Academy as a Navigational officer, and swiftly developed a reputation for getting his vessel or a task force to a given point in the shortest amount of time. As a commander, Benjiman Kowach was the navigation officer for the C.S.S. Atali when that vessel was called upon to deliver vaccines to the planet Bomani (Eurasian Sector) in response to a rare, but deadly plague. In the words of the Atali’s captain, “Commander Kowach’s navigational fixes and jump planning allowed us to save an estimated ten million lives by arriving a full week ahead of Fleet Command estimates.” As the head of the Bureau of Navigation from 2095-2099, Vice Admiral Kowach oversaw the integration of critical technology that doubled the number of light years that could be crossed by a single hyperspace jump. After retiring in 3005, Vice Admiral Kowach returned to his home planet of Lucille where he passed away from complications due to pneumonia at the age of 68.

Thanks for everyone’s continued support, and I’ll post more information on here shortly.