Welcome, welcome! (House Rules)

Greetings all.  Sorry it has taken so long to get this site active.  As the commemorative post, let me say welcome to Colfax Den and I hope to keep this updated on, at a minimum, a biweekly basis.

Some ground rules before we begin:

1.) There are plenty of places to have political, social, ethical debates about current events and recent history.  This is not one of them unless said factual interjection is pursuant to discussing one of my works or another science fiction piece.  Yes, glad you feel passionately about [insert political party] or [burning political issue].  People in Hell also feel passionately about the need for asbestos underwear, doesn’t mean I want to hear them screaming about it.

2.) All constructive criticism / critiques are welcome.  Constructive:  “Hey, I don’t think that someone would react to [gruesome fate befalling fellow character] that way.  This is why…”

Non-Constructive:  “You suck.  I wish I’d never bought your work, and you have no grasp of physics.  I hope you go blind so your crap no longer pollutes the internet.”

In the case of the former, I’ll be happy to explain why I did something or say, “Crap, you know, maybe I need to fix that.  Mr. Retcon, please pick up the white courtesy phone for an urgent edit.”

The second?  Well, I tend to ignore idiocy, but just in case we’re unclear I’m always prepared to let “haters” demonstrate that they can do better.  (For those with synaptic issues, linking to your favorite author is not “doing better.”)

3.) In that same vein, everyone who comes to visit here is my guest.  I would not expect a houseguest to verbally abuse other people I invited to my home in real life, so I will certainly not tolerate it here.  On the gripping hand, I tend to trend towards sarcasm (as do most of my fellow travelers), so folks who come to visit also need to bring a thick skin and willingness to say, “Hey, that’s getting kind of personal.”  Be adults about your disagreements, in other words.

4.) Everything here is (c) myself or, in the case of artists, the original artists.  Very rarely do I consider intellectual theft to be amusing or “something everyone does.”  If you want permission to post a snippet or draft elsewhere, feel free to ask and in most cases I will say “yes” or contact someone to get their permissions.

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