Welcome to the Colfax Den!

Come, come good friend to A House of Woe and Savagery!

(Okay, not really…it’s just the blog of James Young, Slinger of Tales.)

From here you can do several things, in no particular order:

Braking manoeuvre    Join the mailing list, where I promise not to spam you with random things but will also inform you of my convention schedule.


  cropped-kongo-scan-michelle.jpg    Read the blog, to include a series of essays on air combat, naval warfare, and independent publishing.   


Sparta CrestCheck out a sample chapter from either my alternate history or sci-fi universes.


Or listen to music created for my universes:

That’s right, we’ve got music up in here.

(Expectation management–it’s not the Top 40, but it’s darn good filk courtesy of Dan The Bard with images from Mechmaster UK.)

The Spartan War Song from An Unproven Concept:

Then there’s the songs about Obstinate Otters from Aries’ Red Sky:

Otter 2 Badge

But regardless if you’re here for the blog, the music, or Google is crazy, please, please, make yourself at home on the website.  Check some stuff out using the categories on the left (or the drop down menu if you’re on a mobile device).  If you see something you want to buy in one of the posts, check out our merchandise page.


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