Welcome to the Colfax Den!

Come, come good friend to the House of Woe and Savagery!

(Okay, not really…it’s just the blog of James Young, Slinger of Tales.)

Why Colfax Den?  Well, to be perfectly honest, because “James Young” and most variants thereof were totally taken.  So I decided to take a different tack, and name the blog after William Colfax, the main protagonist in the Scythefall post-apocalyptic universe.  Surprisingly, when you inadvertently name a character after a Revolutionary War hero, you find out really quick that’s going to lead to all sorts of confusion as a website.  Hence the “Vergassy,” which are the main alien antagonists in my sci-fi universe (The Vergassy Chronicles.) Strangely enough, Vergassy is not nearly as common as Colfax or Young, yet relatively simple…and here you are! (“But why didn’t you just name it Verg…” “Silence! The Facebook page address was already set! Consistency in branding!”)

Please feel free to read the blog, join the mailing list, check out a sample chapter from either my alternate history or sci-fi universes, or listen to some music.

That’s right, we’ve got music up in here.

(Expectation management–it’s not the Top 40, but it’s darn good filk courtesy of Dan The Bard with images from Mechmaster UK.)

The Spartan War Song from An Unproven Concept:

Or you can listen to the song my audiobook producers did for the Usurper Series:


But please, please, make yourself at home on the website.  Check some stuff out using the categories on the left (or the drop down menu if you’re on a mobile device).  If you see something you want to buy, check out our merchandise page.


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